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The Mini Madness - Event Information
per $10.25 additional children

For children celebrating their 3rd through 6th birthdays

  • Two-hour party in all
  • Reserved tables
  • Highway 66 Bowling
  • Miniature Golf Play
  • Happy Birthday themed plates, napkins and cups
  • 1 pizza slice per guest
  • Juice boxes and pitchers of water
  • An ice cream birthday cake and lit candles
  • Tee shirt for the birthday child
  • A Party hero (your party hero is the one who sets up before you come, takes care of you while you're here, serves you, keeps your party on schedule, and cleans up after you leave)

As the host of any party you can purchase additional arcade credits at a 20% discount through your party hero. No arcade credits are included in the price of the Mini Madness, but the 20% discount will be available to you.

You may also purchase pizza and soda for anyone else who may decide to stay for your event. We make our own pizza here at Laser One, so you do not need to decide until your party goes to their first activity.

$167.50 up to 8 children, $16.75 per addtional child.

How many people will be attending the event?